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About The Gene Poole

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Thom Poole - founder & chief researcher of Gene PooleI set up the Gene Poole to help others discovers their own family history - skeletons and all. Alternatively, if you are worried about those skeletons, or someone else in the family has been doing the family tree - maybe you want to research the history of your house?

My service encompasses all aspects of genealogical research and will go as far as your interest and budget will take you. There are always dead ends, blind alleys and red herrings. No one can claim to be immune from them, but with experience, you can question them and avoid the simple ones.

Having researched my own family back to the early 1500s, I have also undertaken research projects for clients, uncovering interesting details and stories.

Your family history

If you are interested in tracing your family tree but would like a professional genealogist to do it for you, I can meticulously research your family tree backwards in time from yourself and your known relatives using professional search techniques, giving you confidence in the results.

My service is split into three fixed price packages, and a bespoke service. The packages called the bronze, silver and gold, and provide you with a set service to research 3, 4 and 5 generations from yourself. With birth, marriage and death certificates, maps, and a narrative and pictorial family tree. As part of the service, you also receive a book containing the information about your family.

The bespoke service provides you with the particular aspects of research you need to complete your family tree. For example, I undertook a project to look at the life and military career of a single person - tracking him across India and South Africa and back to the UK.


Your house history

If you live in an old house, you may have wondered about its history. A lot of information can be obtained from genealogical sources, and from sources like the land registry.

My service provides you with a chance to find out about your house, with three packages allowing you to go back to c.1900 (Bronze), c.1800 (Silver) and c.1700 (Gold).