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Pricing Structure

As research gets more complex as the generations go back, and bottlenecks are overcome, so the pricing is based on the hourly rate to uncover the data, or on a fixed price for a particular aspect of the research.

The prices are as follows:

  • Hourly rate - £25.
  • A full-colour family tree printed poster - £50-125.
  • A bound hardback book containing your family tree - between £20-100 each.
  • Writing a book of your research (ex. print/publishing) up to £60 per generation.
  • Original copies of all birth, marriage and death certificates*, census returns and parish records where applicable - £17.50 each.
  • A 'narrative' Family Tree listing your ancestors' relationship to one another - to £125.
  • Research for each generation of a surname - £120 each.
  • Tidying up an existing Gedcom file - £40.