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The Gene Poole Bronze Service™

Building your tree

Bronze Lion logo for the Bronze ServiceWe are all very keen to find out about our ancestors, and you may feel that researching to your grandparents is not going to provide you with any help. This is a common misconception.

Whilst your grandparents may still be alive, or died within living memory, that generation tended to keep many things secret, as I found out in my own research. There are many online sources of information, but due to the legal restrictions on keeping census data under lock and key for 100 years, you often need a little help getting back that far to get started on the Victorian data.

This service will provide you with all the available information about the three generations.

So, what are you going to get for your money? I prepare the following for you:

  • An ebook (PDF) of the research, including your family tree.
  • Original copies of any birth, marriage and death certificates used, and copies of census returns and parish records where applicable/available (max for 3 generations – 15 people).
  • A full references report listing all the sources I have used/found.
  • A 'narrative' Family Tree listing your ancestors' relationship to one another.
  • Listing of Places – all the places found in the research.
  • Listing of Occupations, with explanations where appropriate.
  • Suggestions for further research on your family history.
  • A cloud storage account, containing the Gedcom file, all your researched documents, including a PDF version of the book in full colour.

 The standard Gene Poole Bronze Service is priced at £450.