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The Little Cook Book of Genealogy by Thom Poole

A light-hearted guide to genealogy by the founder of The Gene-Poole

The Time Traveller's Dilemma by Thom Poole

A novel that is at the heart of all genealogists, the ability to travel back to visit one's ancestors, but at what cost? Written by the founder of The Gene-Poole.

Genealogy: Essential Research Methods by Helen Osborn

A useful guide and companion to anyone researching their family history.

Who Do You Think You Are? Encyclopedia of Genealogy by Dr Nick Barratt

A companion to the BBC series, this is a good encyclopedia for genealogy.

Solving Genealogy Problems: How to Break Down 'Brick Walls' and Build your Family Tree by Graeme Davis

Brick walls impede our efforts as genealogists, and this book helps to find alternatives for your research.

Family Trees: A History of Genealogy in America by François Weil

This book links the ancient ancestry to US-based research.

Scottish Genealogy by Bruce Durie

A real must for anyone starting to research their Scottish ancestry.

Welsh Genealogy by Bruce Durie

A must for anyone starting to research their Welsh ancestry.

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors by John Grenham

Irish records can be highly fragmented and localised. This book leads the reader through the sources, including the online resources you can use.

The Dictionary of Genealogy by Susan Lumas & Terrick Fitzhugh

A clear alphabetical listing for family history research.

Trace Your Roots: Know Your Genealogy and Explore Your Family History by Maureen Vincent-Northam

A range of great tips and advice to help all budding genealogists build a family tree.

Researching Your Family History Online For Dummies, 2nd Edition by Dr Nick Barrat, et al

Easy to read as you would expect from a "dummies" book, this should be on ever beginners bookshelf.

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